Winning on Roulette

The roulette  ‘Laws of Repeating Theory’

This is an easy strategy to play and relies on you looking at the last ten numbers to come in on the board and covering them.  This strategy goes on the belief that numbers repeat themselves and is very simple to do.

Recommended Starting Balance – $200 (start with $200 at a casino)

Min. Starting Balance – $100 (this is the min. starting balance to see an ROI)

ROI Payout Target – 35% (from $100 we expect you to earn $35 plus your stake back)

Risk Factor – we consider this low risk and easy to get your money back

Min. Bet Allowed – $1

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The Technique

All US based roulette wheels have 36 numbers plus two zero’s and European ones have 36 numbers plus one zero.  You can use this theory on either European or US roulette.  However I have always used US roulette as I feel more comfortable with this.  What you need to understand from are the payouts which is 35:1 for hitting a number and even odds on black/red 1:1.  Each bet you make will involve placing 20 chips.

  1. What you need to do is look at the last ten numbers to come in and place one chip on each number till you have placed all ten chips.  You may notice some repeating numbers in this, but do not place two chips or more on the same number.  Only one chip per number.
  2. Now with the remaining 10 chips place 10 on red or black, but once you have chosen your color do stick with it for the rest of your session.  I always choose black but the preference is yours.  The color is a form of safety bet.
  3. Now sit back and relax and let the roulette wheel spin, and if you are lucky your number will hit or your color giving you your bet back.  If nothing comes in do not despair and repeat steps 1 and 2 for the next bet etc.  Eventually your chips will come in, and if you hit your chip and color you will win 45 chips back plus your bet of 11 giving you a return of 56 chips from a 20 chip bet.

#Hints and Tips

  1. For US Roulette cover ZERO and DOUBLE ZERO with one chip on every spin and increase your bet on the color by 2 to make it 12.
  2. For European Roulette cover ZERO with one chip on every spin and increase your bet on the color by 1 to make it 11.
  3. Should a ZERO or DOUBLE ZERO hit use this as your key to cashout.
  4. If you start with $100 use $1 chips, and if you start with $1,000 then use $10 chips.
  5. If you are playing online you need to build up the last ten numbers so play $1 on black or red until you have the last ten numbers on the board completed.

GOOD LUCK! and send us a comment if you WIN!

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