Remembering the sportsbooks from the past

Over the last decade several well known and liked sportsbooks emerged since to dissappear into the dust.  Where are they now? Here are three sportsbooks we remember from the past and what happened with them.


BetonSports came to be the number one destination for the sport bettor.  Anyone who was anything had a player account with them.  They had in the hundreds of thousands of active sports players when the other sportsbooks were happy with tens of thousands of active players.  BetonSports was the brain child of Gary Kaplan who was known to everyone in the industry as ‘G’.  They had an office in the heart of San Jose, Costa Rica which employed over 2,000 people with their own private night club, swimming pool and social area.  They were big in all the means.  Unfortanely everything ended in July of 2006 when their CEO David Carruthers was arrested while boarding a flight in Dallas back to Costa Rica on RICO charges.  These charges led to the closure of BetonSports and left the owners running for the hills and several frustrated players trying to get their money out of the company.  It was a sad day for the industry and this sportsbook was and is greatly missed.

Another two of our favorite sportsbooks which brought in an extra special touch.


Nine.com was formed in 2004 and was the brain child from the owners of Grand Central Sports.  They quickly rose in the ranks to be a liked sportsbook among players and affiliates.  They were known for the ‘Nine.com Girls’ and extravagant Vegas parties.  In 2006 they were purchased by Leisure and Gaming PLC based out of London then the UIGEA hit making it difficult for a company such as Nine.com to grow.  They closed their office in Costa Rica and moved to Curacao to eventually close for good in 2011.

VIPSports, BetGameday

VIP.com and BetGameday based out of Curacao followed a similar fate to Nine.com and closed.  The old management of these companies went on to create GTBets.  To this day GTBets is no where near the size VIP, Gameday and Nine.com use to be.  However their is hope this company will go somewhere.

Two other sportsbooks from the past.

BetJamica and The Greek

These two fine sportsbooks operated for two decades till they decided enough was enough and pulled out in 2011.  Processing becoming an increasing difficult, and resulted in BetJamica waving the white flag.  However The Greek remains to operate but no longer accepting new players.


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