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Sportsbook.agWe have searched the web over the past decade in finding what we consider to be the best online sportbook.  Over a decade of searching and trying out the various different sportsbooks we decided to go with as the name suggests it is the number one sportsbook destination.

This is how we came across our decision on deciding to name as the best sportbook online.

Back in 2000 the sportsbooks catering for the North American market were just emerging to the like of the players and dislike of the US government who see tax dolalrs streaming away from their country.  Several sportsbooks stood out to us and they including a few sportsbooks which are no longer around.

One book in particular sportsbook stood out to us and that was which at the time was by far the largest North American facing sports betting operator with a database in excess of the millions which only other sportsbooks dreamed of owning. eventually became a public limited company until everything came to a showery end of June 2006 with the arrest of their CEO Dave Carruthers while changing flights in Dallas.  This sportsbook we never considered a number one sportsbook as getting paid was slow and tiresome, as well as the owner known only as ‘G’ being a bit of a loose cannon.

Other sportsbook’s did stand out to us as being well-rounded and proper and they included, and BetGameDay.  However the number of customers they had was limited and although we considered them an A+ rated sportsbook they were not large enough to cater for high rolling players.  These sportsbook eventually closed shop in 2011 due to regulation changes.  So our search for the best sportbook continued until we came across well renowned brand which ticked all the right boxes and following the collapse of they took over their position to become the number one North American facing sportsbook.

What we like about is what you see is what you get, and they do not mess you around with trickery.  Recently changed it’s domain name from a .com to a .ag (Antigue TLD), as this offered them more protection of the domain name getting seized.  We do not expect the domain name to get seized as is not involved in the same shady business companies like were, so I believe our funds are safe their.  Of course with every sportsbook never keep a large balance at the place but your funds should be safe and they offer a great selection of sports betting lines and offers.

In our eyes is the best sportbook out there in the market.  try out today.

Looking to bet on the NFL this season? no longer accepts new US players and for this reason we have listed below in order of best bonus the top ten sportsbooks which continue to accept players from the US. All the below sportsbooks hold a high reputation and your deposit is safe with them.

USA Friendly SportsbookMyBookie - 100% up to $1,000 new player bonus
USA Friendly SportsbookSportsBetting -75% up to $1,000 new player bonus
USA Friendly SportsbookBetOnline - 50% up to $2,500 new player bonus
USA Friendly SportsbookRealBet - 100% up to $500 new player bonus
USA Friendly SportsbookGTBets - 100% up to $250 new player bonus
USA Friendly SportsbookBookmaker - offering 50% bonus new player bonus
USA Friendly SportsbookTopBet - 50% up to $250 new player bonus
USA Friendly SportsbookBetAnySports - offering $200 in FREE PLAY when you join
USA Friendly SportsbookVietBet - offering $200 in FREE PLAY when you join

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