2013 NBA Basketball Betting – Heat Hold Home-Court Advantage In Their Hands

Miami Heat v Indiana Pacers - Game ThreeWhether this series will be 3-1 in favor of Miami or tied at 2-2, one can rest assured in saying that Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals is not going to be a cakewalk for either team.

Eastern Conference Finals, Game 5:

Indiana Pacers @ Miami Heat – Wednesday, May 29

Why Indiana Will Win

No NCAA football betting expert would deny the contention that the Pacers have a very good chance in this contest. When you go over your next sportsbook review, you will be able to put two and two together and realize that if anyone can win in Miami, Indiana has the formula and the players to do the deed. The Pacers have the ingredients of a team that can win on the road. It’s hard for a crowd of 19,000 fans to disrupt a team that has size and power near the basket. Big man Roy Hibbert and forward David West enable Indiana to play a very physical style of ball near the rim, and this ability to crash the boards while altering LeBron James’ shots is what neutralized Miami’s home-court environment in Games 1 and 2. Sure, it won’t be easy for Indiana to win again in Miami, but the Pacers are built to pull off the feat.

One also has to realize that in Game 3 of this series, Paul George – who played like a legitimate superstar in Game 2 last Friday night in Miami – had an awful game, largely because he was caught off balance by a shift in tactics orchestrated by Miami coach Erik Spoelstra. The series changed when Spoelstra had LeBron James operate on offense in the low post. George’s length is able to contain LeBron on the perimeter, but handling LeBron on the blocks is a different challenge. George is not physical enough to deal with King James. This switch from Miami ambushed George, and it also took a lot of energy out of him at the offensive end of the floor. George should be able to bounce back from all this and play a much better game – close to his typically high standards – in Game 5. If George does indeed play well, Indiana should be in very good shape.

Why Miami Will Win

When people pursue a sports betting play, they have to realize that as much as one might talk about the need for poise and intangibles in athletic competitions, talent is very much a hammer, and Miami has the most talented player on the floor in this series. Even football betting gurus who possess minimal knowledge of professional basketball could tell you that while the Pacers might have the second- and third-best players on the floor in this series (Paul George and Roy Hibbert), Miami’s LeBron James is so transcendent at the moment that the Pacers’ balance in their starting five might not matter. James is playing at the peak of his powers. He is playing the game of basketball as well as it can realistically be played on a regular basis. James’ ability to operate in the low post represents a major headache for the Pacers, who must figure out how to double-team James without giving up really good looks to Miami’s wing shooters. The Heat should be able to arrange the pieces on their offensive chessboard in such a way that they can remain a step ahead of Indiana’s defensive rotations.

Who Will Win?

This figures to be a close game, but the Heat are now in possession of the knowledge that they can break down the Pacers’ rugged defense. Miami should be able to shoot the ball with confidence at home and prevail.

NBA Betting Pick: Miami

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