2013 NBA Basketball Betting – Bulls Try To Gather Their Strength… And Health

HEAT1-articleLargeThere is simply no denying that the Chicago Bulls are less than fully healthy as they face the Miami Heat in the second round of the NBA playoffs. Can the Bulls continue to defy the odds?

Eastern Conference Semifinals, Game 2:

Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat – Wednesday, May 8

Betting line:

Why Chicago Will Win

When people pursue a sports betting play, they have to look at the intangibles as well as the raw Xs and Os of a matchup. Yes, Miami is a more talented team than Chicago, but that doesn’t tell the whole story by any measure. Even football betting gurus who possess minimal knowledge of professional basketball could tell you that while the Bulls are operating at far less than 100 percent of capacity in this series, they can still extend the Miami Heat and create a long series (one that lasts at least six games if not the full seven). Creating an extended series would certainly become a lot more possible if the Bulls can indeed win Game 2 on the road in South Florida.

Chicago simply doesn’t give up, and it doesn’t stop hustling during the course of a game. This is the Bulls’ identity, forged and sustained under the guidance of head coach Tom Thibodeau, who sets the right tone in practice and owns total trust from his players. All of the Bulls have completely bought what Thibodeau has sold them, and that’s why Chicago plays above its level of talent. The Bulls are greater than the sum of their parts, and that’s the kind of team that can beat the ultra-talented Heat. Chicago can grind and compete as well as any team in the league. Its defense is formidable, and if Miami’s wing shooters – Shane Battier and Dwyane Wade in particular – do not hit a reasonable percentage of perimeter shots, the Bulls could really frustrate the Heat. This game could shrink and become narrowly focused on LeBron James if the other members of the Heat are unable to hit shots against Chicago’s defensive pressure. This is what the Bulls are hoping for, and such a scenario could easily unfold in Game 2.

Why Miami Will Win

No NCAA football betting expert would deny the contention that the national champion Alabama Crimson Tide regularly play hard. Similarly, no basketball betting guru would contest the claim that the Bulls relentlessly spill the tank and exhaust their energies each and every time they take the floor. However, there comes a point in time – or more precisely, a matchup – when grit and heart and other like qualities meet their limitations. Chicago has a chance in this contest, but it doesn’t own the advantage by any stretch. When you go over your next sportsbook review, you will see that the Heat hold the cards here, and not just because the Bulls are beset by injuries and have a lot of players who will take the court with reduced physical capacities.

One thing that has to be kept in mind here is that Miami struggled in the second and third rounds of the 2012 playoffs. Why was this the case? Chris Bosh was injured. This season, he’s healthy, and as a result, you should see the Heat make tangible improvements in the postseason. The addition of Chris “Birdman” Andersen, a ferocious rebounder and defender, should also give Miami some muscle to go along with its finesse on the wings.

Who Will Win?

This will not be an easy series or an easy Game 2 for Miami, but the Heat will remain tough to beat in light of the fact that Chicago has so many players who are playing well below 100 percent of their abilities. Chicago will try as hard as possible, but its most resolute effort probably won’t be enough to win this game.

NBA Betting Pick: Miami



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