2013 NBA Basketball Betting – 3 Reasons Why No Team In The East Will Stop The Heat

Los Angeles Clippers v Miami HeatNo college football betting expert can deny the importance of matchups in any sport, including the NBA playoffs, but in the Eastern Conference portion of the 2013 NBA postseason, it seems that matchups are taking a back seat to the notion that the Miami Heat are going to take care of all comers. When people make a bet on sports, they know that they should look at the specific ways in which two teams compare, but they also have to look at overall quality, which is sometimes good enough to trump matchup weaknesses. Bettors must also assess the extent to which a team is carrying itself like a championship ballclub. Knowing how to handle the weight and pressure of the postseason is a big part of being a successful professional team, and that has to enter the equation  for online football betting gurus who don’t devote their attention to the NBA but might be interested in betting on the playoffs in the coming weeks.

This prelude leads to the following point: The New York Knicks and Chicago Bulls could pose matchup problems for the Miami Heat in the weeks ahead (this assumes that both teams will finish off their own first-round series in the next few days), but all indications point to a Heat repeat (actually, a three-peat) in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Miami is on course to win a third straight East title and return to the NBA Finals to defend its league championship.

When you go over your facts and prepare to make a play at any of the best betting sites around, the first reason you should expect nobody to stop the Heat is that they have the best player on the floor. LeBron James has taken everything that was great about him in the 2011-2012 season and improved upon it this season. He has a more lethal jump shot. He’s playing with more patience and freedom. He is completely within himself right now and is acting every bit like the supreme force in the game he in fact is.

The second reason no team in the East will stop the Heat is that Miami is getting a lot of rest while its opponents are all getting dragged into extended combat. Miami would love it if Brooklyn defeated Chicago in Game 7 of the East first round on Saturday night, but even if the Bulls – a tougher matchup for the Heat – do emerge from that series, they’re not going to be healthy. Kirk Hinrich, a tough perimeter defender, is injured. Joakim Noah has fought through pain against the Nets, but his leaping ability is still limited, keeping him well below 100-percent capacity. Derrick Rose is not likely to take the floor in the second round, if the Bulls indeed get that far. Miami would still be able to handle anything Chicago has to offer.

A third and final reason why no team will overcome the Heat in the East is that the New York Knicks, seen as Miami’s foremost contender for the past two to three months, are showing a great deal of immaturity in their first-round series against the Boston Celtics. New York is still likely to advance, but the Knicks are allowing a mediocre offensive team to hang around. Miami is not a mediocre offensive team and should be able to punish New York for prolonged stretches of inconsistent performance.


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